Fatty Liver

Just had my annual diabetic panel test. It was fast. Hi-Precision Mactan, it turns out, doesn’t have plenty of patients early in the morning. After 5 minutes, I was through with everything except for 2H P-Prandial Blood Sugar, which needs to be taken 2 hours after your last meal (you definitely need to eat after you fast the for 12 hours).

Results? Everything is within range, save for one thing: SGPT.

The range is from 4 to 41. I have 46. Last year, it was only 39.

Bottom line: I am a perfect candidate for fatty liver disease. If not, I’m already there.

The result was, of course, disappointing. However, it wasn’t completely shocking. Early this year, I had my yearly lower body ultrasound, and the doctor already told me I was showing signs of fatty liver. I didn’t listen. I know neither did my mom as we shared the same diagnosis.

I could blame this to eating fatty food or sedentary lifestyle. In the end, it’s my fault.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of things I can do. I’ll be meeting my doctor soon, but in the meantime, I have to get on juice fasts ASAP. I believe I also need to do liver flushing. I need to try the latter first before I tell you if it works or how to do it.

I’m still very thankful, though. I’m relishing the fact that despite my unhealthy lifestyle, I don’t have diabetes or kidney disease yet. I am not battling any type of infection right now.

My Diabetic Panel Test

This is it.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my Diabetic Panel tests. This will be my third since 2009.

No, I don’t have any diabetes; and God forbid, I hope to never suffer from one. However, a couple of relatives and my grandmother from my father’s side already have it. Usually, diseases such as this run in the family. It’s better to be really safe than sorry.

I am not expecting stellar scores. I haven’t been doing well lately when it comes to taking care of myself. I just hope I don’t go beyond the limits.

This test is also special for me. I have decided to make it my benchmark for all my succeeding tests–and how good I’ll be in loving my body and health more.