Seriously, Globe

Hello! Hello!

I’m finally back! There’s no better explanation to my silence than the lack of Internet connection for more than a month. It was an absolutely terrible experience for a lot of reasons.

One, Globe representatives, even their supervisors, didn’t seem to know how to deal with it. Two, it felt they didn’t have any coordination with their off-site technical team. Third, seriously, some of them should learn to take notes down. A number of my reported calls were not forwarded or escalated to the technical specialists, and the last call I made wasn’t logged. Those could have mattered if we will file a complaint (well, my husband did).

I honestly don’t know the logic behind the poor customer service telcos such as Globe give to their customers, and sometimes I couldn’t help but think you get what you pay for: if you’re not in their business account, you’re not their priority.

For many weeks, I felt too frustrated it got into my head; every time I thought about it, I experienced a lot of stress. So I decided to have the subscription canceled until the Husband said he wanted to give them another chance–another week. A day after the problem turned a month, they were able to finally restore both our landline and internet. Alleluia!

Moving forward, I’m currently on my third week of no-meat-except-seafood diet. Yup, I have given up on chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc. Interestingly, it’s not too difficult at all, perhaps because I’m greatly inspired by my parents, especially my mama. Bernard is following suit as well, so that makes menu planning a lot easier for me.

Aside from attending to my job, I have also been busy managing my small business. October and November will be very busy months for me, for sure. I’m preparing myself for that. In the meantime, we’re in the final stages of planning for our Manila trip. I’m praying to the high heavens that the weather will be kinder.





I was late in church today and wasn’t able to catch up with the rest of my family until the end of the mass. When I did, they were all smiles, with my mom exclaiming, “You look sexy today!”

Sexy? No, I wasn’t. I just looked–and felt–better. It’s both surprising and amazing how much a little makeup and dressing up can make you feel more confident, more beautiful, and sometimes a much better person than you are when you wake up. This is the exact thought that ran in my head.

I am not sexy. I am overweight, though I’m working at it right now. I may be about five years ago when I would starve myself and exercise for hours. But then, before, I felt more miserable.

I remember when I was in high school, I used to drop by SM Cebu and weigh myself in that large stainless steel scale outside National Bookstore. Each weigh cost 5 pesos, and surely I spent a lot. Yet I didn’t mind. I was happy every time it told me I was underweight. Yes, it made me feel so relieved to be far below that what’s good for me, what’s ideal for my age and height.

Worse, even when I was already so underweight, some would still call me “chubby” and at times in-your-face “fat.” It always bothered and frustrated me. I didn’t want to be chubby, let alone fat. I didn’t even want to be sexy. All I wanted was to be thin, and the process of getting into that point filled my life with a lot of insecurities. That emotional pain I carried through for more than 10 years of my life, and it’s only in the last 3 years that I slowly learned to let go of it.

I am not saying I feel good being like this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be avoiding rice and watching what I eat. I am not comfortable with my weight, but I’m also past the need to look what others want me to look. I’m past the pressure, I’m past the insecurities. I am at a point when I am learning to love myself more, and that fuels me to take care of myself a lot better.

Well, Hello!

Hi, everyone! It’s been quite a while, isn’t it? I missed a lot of things and a lot of people, but I’m really at a point in my life when I want to focus more on myself first. Over the past few months, I felt a little bit lost and tired and so burned out. I wasn’t at my best, and I didn’t love myself for it. But definitely I’m so eager to bounce back and come out a way better version of me.

That doesn’t mean, though, I wasn’t doing anything at all. Moping wasn’t part of the agenda. In fact, I had never been this tired in my life! I’ve been cleaning the house for the past two days (and I’m not yet even done!). I had traveled to Boljoon, my province, twice in a span of two weeks. I’m also on my second week of not eating rice. Some frowned upon it. I mean what’s a Filipino if he or she doesn’t eat rice? I love rice, whether garlic or fried. But then, a cup has about 200+ calories. Multiply that by 3, and you have 600 calories from rice alone. If a regular person, on the average, needs to consume between 1,200 and 1,500 each day–well, you do that math. Couple it with a sedentary lifestyle, and viola! You’re packing a lot of pounds.

Bernard is back in school. He’s already on his second or third week. He’s currently enrolled in the University of the Philippines Cebu for master’s in mathematics education.

I’ve been trying my hands on more “intensive cooking,” adding more vegetables in the ingredients to make every dish more filling. I hope it helps Bernard lose the extra pounds as well.

Can’t wait to share some of my work-in-progress projects, from food to crafts. I need great suggestions and feedback from you. 🙂

Manila Days

A couple of days from now, Bernard and I will be turning 13. Yes, almost half of my life he’s there. You can definitely say we’ve been through A LOT of things. One of those that stand out is my Manila memories with him.

I think it was around 2010 when Bernard got a job that required 2 months’ training in Manila. For us, that’s the longest we’ll be away from each other (not counting the months we briefly broke up). Anyway, to make the long story short, I missed him a few weeks after he was gone that on the second month, I flew to live with him.

Bernard had to move out of a multi-room apartment, and together we squeezed into a very narrow unit that was around half the size of an average condo studio units in Cebu. It was that small. In fact, we didn’t have any kitchen, living room, and dining area, but only a bathroom and a standard-sized double deck. We slept below while our things were on top. There was only one white monoblock chair and a small desk, which worked as my teeny-weeny office. Most of the time, when it’s dinnertime, we’d squat on the floor.  As almost everything in Manila is expensive, ours cost 8,000 a month, excluding water and electricity. By the time we left, we paid almost 15,000 pesos. Honestly, there were only two things that made me stay there: Internet and location.

We were far away from our parents–well, most of our family members–and friends. We had to rely on each other, on ourselves, and on meager human interactions with his colleagues, my brother, and a handful of Manila-based friends. I experienced eating lunches alone and being totally out of place as noisy college kids occupied the rest of the restaurant. I was really a tiny speck anyone can easily miss out.

Our short Manila living wasn’t the most comfortable, but for me it was the sweetest. I’d wake Bernard up at around 11:00 p.m. so we could catch the last full show in Greenbelt 3. Then we’ll head to Seattle’s Best for a nice warm cup of coffee for him and a delicious iced choco for me. Or if we started running out of budget, we’d simply walk and watch the time and people go by.

For dinners, we’d walk a few meters out of the gate and order a pair of silog that cost 50 pesos each. During the weekends, most of our lunches were spent on this cute Japanese-cuisine fast food restaurant called Sumibiyakid. We loved it a lot not just because of the food but the people who had become our friends as well.

We hadn’t traveled to other provinces such as Laguna, but we had a grand time around Makati and Quezon City. Sometimes we’d spend hours in Rockwell checking out celebrities. Or we’d listen to our next-door neighbor fight at different times of the day.

Those were our most care-free days. It’s not like we didn’t have any more responsibilities back home. We were still paying for our mortgage and other bills. I still had to work. But it never worried me because we’re experiencing new things together.

As we’re nearing our fifth year as a married couple, I still hope we can continue on with our mini adventures and relive our “happy Manila days” over and over.

Create Change: Be a Social Media Influencer

The Social Media Influencers Summit will be held on March 16, 2013, at J Centre Convention Center.

The Social Media Influencers Summit will be held on March 16, 2013, at J Centre Convention Center.

A few years ago, I cringed at the term “influential” or “inspirational.” I always thought calling oneself as such was too self-serving.

But influence, when done right, can do a lot of things, especially for the community. It allows you to empower others to become movers and
shakers, it builds hope, and it pushes you to do more so you can affect more people.

I’ve seen how influence drives Janette Toral to promote better e-commerce in the country, Hannah Amora to bring more attention and support to
a serious heart condition affecting children, and different blogging societies all over the country to the current needs and plight of our fellow

It’s our influence to one another that keeps us dreaming, planning, and doing. With the strong use of social media, we’re able to amplify such
positive power to multifold, scattering it to different corners of the world.

But like any other value, it needs to be cultivated, enhanced, and used more effectively. Thus, iNewMedia Online Network, Cebu Bloggers Society, Cebu Blog Camp, Ilo-Ilo Bloggers Society, and Google Business Group have organized the country’s first-ever Social Media Influencers Summit. Experts such as Maria
A. Ressa, Maryjane Cabrera, Hannah Almira Amora, Attorney Ethelbert Ouano, Janette Toral, Fitz Gerald Villafuerte, and Lisa Marie Mirasol
will provide the participants with the most essential points to harness the various social media tools for overall betterment of the community.

The summit is scheduled on March 16, 2013, at J Centre Convention . Join us and learn how to spread the good via social media.

Thank you to our co-presentors J Centre Convention Hall, J Centre Mall, and Smart Communications. We’d also like to thank our Platinum Sponsor Bluewater Resorts, Bronze Sponsor Click Photo Club, and patrons Bluewater Sumilon, Bluewater Panglao, and Bluewater Maribago.

Proceeds of the event will be help Dr. Narciso Tapia Kidney Transplant Fund, World Vision, and Cebu Bloggers Society.

For more information, please visit



Happy Birthday, CBSI!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Honestly, this is one of the most awkward occasions for me, and I’m not one who celebrates it. Besides, I’ve got another thing in mind: CBSi.

Photo courtesy of

Cebu Bloggers Society Incorporated has definitely grown into one of the most formidable and dynamic blogging societies not only in the Philippines but in the entire world. Hey, isn’t it us who started World Bloggers Day, which has already reached the United States, Australia, Singapore, and UAE, to name a few? For this year, CBS is going aggressive with ACTNow, a proactive project headed by Mr. Jaysee Pingki-an.

CBS members love to get down and dirty, but tomorrow it’s going to be quite different. They’re heading to Harold’s Hotel, the official venue for a certainly splendid cocktail party.

It’s too bad I won’t be there for personal reasons, but like the rest of the bloggers, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Harold’s. Thank you for believing in the power of the new media and for continuously empowering the people behind it.

To CBS, cheers! Hope to see you, guys, again very soon.



About Harold’s Hotel

Located in Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Harold’s Hotel is the premier business hotel with more than 85 fabulously designed guest rooms, including superior rooms and deluxe rooms and suites.

Harold’s Hotel has mastered not only sophistication and elegance but also fantastic food: restaurants like H Cafe and Highlights whet your appetite.

Whether you’re after hours of fun or complete relaxation for a day or a week, you can come to Harold’s and let its accommodating staff take care of you.

Happy 29

I am officially 29 years old. I don’t want to think too much about it, though, unless I want to feel pressured about accomplishing life goals on or before I hit 30.

Anyway, my birthday was a blast. TOO BAD the husband accidentally dropped the camera while on the beach. Now I have to find a way to retrieve all photos there. But there’s one thing I’m happy to have and show you:

officially my happy skirt

officially my happy skirt

Remember this? I completed it in less than 3 days. It’s either I was so excited to get it done or I had miraculously plenty of time in my hands. My sister called me crazy for wearing it. She even thought I had such a deprived childhood. Of course, neither of those things are true.

If you’re interested on how to make this, just refer to this link: I just skipped the chair since I’m making one for an adult. Instead of a garter, I used a pretty ribbon.

Where’s the tutu now? It’s currently wrapped around my dining chair. It needs some slight alteration, so I can’t show it yet. In the meantime, I’ve already dubbed it my “happy skirt.”