Happy 29

I am officially 29 years old. I don’t want to think too much about it, though, unless I want to feel pressured about accomplishing life goals on or before I hit 30.

Anyway, my birthday was a blast. TOO BAD the husband accidentally dropped the camera while on the beach. Now I have to find a way to retrieve all photos there. But there’s one thing I’m happy to have and show you:

officially my happy skirt

officially my happy skirt

Remember this? I completed it in less than 3 days. It’s either I was so excited to get it done or I had miraculously plenty of time in my hands. My sister called me crazy for wearing it. She even thought I had such a deprived childhood. Of course, neither of those things are true.

If you’re interested on how to make this, just refer to this link: http://www.free-homemade-gift-ideas.com/how-to-make-a-tutu.html. I just skipped the chair since I’m making one for an adult. Instead of a garter, I used a pretty ribbon.

Where’s the tutu now? It’s currently wrapped around my dining chair. It needs some slight alteration, so I can’t show it yet. In the meantime, I’ve already dubbed it my “happy skirt.”


Win a Trip for Two to Bohol

Pit Senyor!

Just came back from the last novena mass for Sinulog, and after all these years, the feeling still remains the same: ecstatic. The crowd, as usual, swells to hundreds, but it doesn’t matter. Every mass always feels intimate.

Sadly, I won’t be able to join Sinulog this year. I just don’t think I can stand the walking and the peeing (yes, I tend to pee a lot of times when I’m out of the home). But for those who are excited to join the revelry, I encourage you to join Bo’s Sinulog digital photo contest.

Here’s how:

Bo's Coffee Digital Photo Contest

How to Join:
  1. Like the Bo’s Coffee Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/boscoffee.
  2. Upload a picture of your best Sinulog 2013 Getaway, and tag Bo’s Coffee on the photo.
  3. The photo must be taken with the participants holding any Bo’s Coffee beverage, at one of the Sinulog 2013 Cebu activities (ie. Cebu Marathon, Grand Parade, Photo Contest, Short Film Festival, Fireworks Display, Choral Competition, Sto. Nino de Cebu Parish Mass, etc.).  You may refer to this link for a full list of Sinulog 2013 activities:http://www.sinulog.ph/index.php/events/sinulog-2013-schedule-of-activities.
  4. Write a caption on the photo, which answers this equation: “Sinulog 2013 + Bo’s Coffee =”. Photo caption must be in one to three sentences only. Only one promo entry will be allowed per person.

So easy, right? But before you do a lot of clicking, it’s best to pay attention to the guidelines and the selection process. Now that should increase your chance of winning. 🙂

Go paint the town red, yellow, and all the colors you love–and don’t forget to take that “off to Bohol” Bo’s Coffee snapshot.


Peace at Nine PM

For the past few days, at around 9 or 10, our household is already very quiet. Here’s why: we no longer have cable TV.

In an effort to “simplify” our lifestyle and spend less on utilities, we decided last year to end our cable subscription with Cignal and rely on our pending DVDs, books, food, and conversations for entertainment. Besides, we have the Internet, where we can get video streams of our favorite TV programs and sometimes movies.

The agreement, however, was on January 15, NOT THIS EARLY. Since two days ago, our television is completely useless, save for around an hour or two of films from DVDs.

Well, there’s the Internet, you say. But right now it’s the most futile thing in the world! Smart Bro has definitely gone from worse to worst. Every time I try to browse or research, I could feel myself on the brink of crying. This is what our 1,000 pesos a month is worth now. Almost nada. We applied for a DSL connection a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, PLDT opted to “centralize”–or, according to my husband’s observation, “downsize”–its operations activation is now redirected to Manila.


To be fair, Internet is pretty stable at certain times, which are around 10:00 p.m. to early in the morning, which means I’m currently asleep at 6:00 in the morning all the way until noon. Night shift, so to speak.

I don’t miss the cable TV. I just kind of want some noise for a much longer time and spend more waking hours with the husband. So right now I pray to the heavens that we get that DSL before the month ends.

Tutu in Progress

My birthday is fast approaching. In fact, it’s my birthday week. (No, I just declared that myself.) That only means one thing: a tutu.

Last year, I told my friends I’m going to wear a frilly skirt for my birthday, and around that time, I just couldn’t take my mind off this:

So yesterday, I decided to go on with it. Bought myself some pretty hard tulle and a very pink ribbon to match it. Then worked until I could hardly open my eyes. Now, it’s a work in progress:

Patience is a virtue, indeed.

Patience is a virtue, indeed.

I’M ALMOST THERE. Seriously, it’s very easy. It just needs a lot of patience and hard work, especially since I’m making this for an adult. Hopefully, before Sunday, I’m so done with this because I want to wear this to the beach!

PS: I just got the result of my Inbound Marketing certification exam from Hubspot and scored 84 percent. Not bad, since I didn’t really go through all 18 webinar classes. 6 points more, and I could have made it in the Honor’s Distinction, though.

How Was My 2012?

So how was last year (or a day ago)? I guess it would be nice if I can have some sort of a look back just to remind myself the things I accomplished:

I’ve gone to places that are not part of my bucket list. Butuan wasn’t, but it turned out to be such a pleasant experience the Husband and I are heading back there this coming summer as part of our 4-leg Mindanao tour! Plus, we went there for a very special purpose: attend the wedding of two good friends.

hannah and mackie's wedding in butuan

We went to Vigan. I’ve always loved history, so Vigan has always been one of my dream destinations. Last April,  after a more than 8-hour land trip, I set foot in one of the best-planned towns in the country.

A Vigan trip will never be complete without climbing this tower.

A Vigan trip will never be complete without climbing this tower.

Finally, I got to use my passport. Singapore wasn’t part of the bucket list either, but I’m happy I booked a flight. It’s definitely a totally different experience living on other people’s traditions and cultures for a few days. It gave me a different perspective about own culture and how good I actually am when it comes to backpacking (or semi-backpacking). Come August, we’ll be off to Hong Kong with my sister and hopefully another Singapore trip with the rest of my extended family.


We opened a bakeshop. It’s my fantasy to own a very charming cafe serving the most delectable and hopefully less-calorie pastries and desserts, paired with a warm cup of coffee from beans sourced out all over the country. I don’t know if this is going to happen this year (I’m just crossing my fingers!), but at least we’re already making those first steps. We opened a small bakeshop last year. So far, our baked goodies are getting positive feedback, and business was brisk last holiday season.

A lot of my friends are venturing into food as well. Hope to feature them too this year.

I quit red meat. I’m a true-blue carnivore. I grew up dining on a lot of grease and chicken skin. But around a month before the year ended, I decided to quit eating red meat. I tried some during the holidays, but lechon and ham never tasted the same. For this year, I’m cutting back on chicken and definitely adding more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Difficult, yes, but necessary since I’m not getting any younger.

I became a magazine writer. I am one of the lucky writers for Xync, a Cebu-based magazine that’s set to launch this March 2013. I had never written for a magazine, so it’s both exciting and challenging for me.

CBS, Cebu Book Club, GDG, and GBG. These were some organizations I’m proud to be part of. Schedules had been crazy the past few months, but I’m  ready to become a more active member this year. I have a lot of faith in these groups.

2012 was good to me and my loved ones. There were some pains along the way, but they were too minor I couldn’t even remember any one of them anymore.  With God’s help, 2013 will be just as awesome, if not even better.