Travel Time

And just like that, I’ve booked two flights. In September I’ll be off to Singapore to visit my brother who’s going to have his class recess for a week. This is such a short notice, and I definitely wish the rest of the family can go with me (because it’s merrier to have plenty of company and I can have someone to share expenses with. haha!). But my father still needs to renew his passport, my mom has none, and my sister is stuck with work.

Come October, the husband and I will be attending a wedding in Butuan. Super excited! My husband couldn’t just stop talking about how charming the city is, and I’d love to experience it myself.

Indeed, big awesome plans are ahead.

Two Weeks

I went on a blogging hiatus for around 2 or more weeks. I got sick, which was somewhat disappointing. It only meant I truly had a messy immune system.

Nevertheless, I’d rather look at the bright side right now and tell you about the good things:

1. My brother arrived for a very short vacation. As I shared before, he’s off to Singapore for a scholarship grant.

my brother, my mom, and my pops

the awe girls

moi and hubby

2. I took a short day trip with my immediate and extended family to Simala, Sibonga, and Boljo-on. And we even had Chuck with us! Awesome!

Chuck is going with us. Yehey!

Love this guy a lot.

The mega church in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu

It’s a nice day–peaceful, serene.

That’s how plants grow in our home province.

Here’s another thing I love about traveling: food!

3. I’m currently on my nth day with Metafit. Still a beginner but really learning a lot. Lost 9 pounds since the beginning of my weight loss plan. 🙂

I need to push myself HARDER next time (photo from Metafit’s FB page).

4. I just went back to Meatless Monday, and this time, I have a buddy with me.

5. I watched Happy Flight with Camille. It’s for free since it’s part of Japanese Film Festival, and it’s worth the time. In fact, I want to watch it over and over again. I also can’t wait to catch Water Boys, from the same director behind Happy Flight. It’s free in YouTube. 🙂

6. I received plenty of great news from friends and family too (just too personal to share, sorry!).

7. I attended a coffee class. Can’t wait to prepare my first espresso or coffee blend once I go back home.

8. I just wrote a couple of features for Cebu Bloggers Society. Go check out Blogger of the Week.

Currently, I’m waiting for Olympics 2012 closing. I sure don’t want to miss the iconic Spice Girls! Starting next week too I’ll have my regular dates with books. Nice. Very nice.

Great News, Bad News

Only two weeks after I thought I’ve fully recovered, I’m ill again. Fortunately the family doctor didn’t complicate it for me: “You just have a very low resistance.” OK, as of the moment, I’ll blame this on the erratic weather. My throat hurts right now, but I can still eat, so probably this is just because of my coughing fits.

Now for the GREAT NEWS: my brother is off to Singapore! Yup, our family prayer has just been answered. He’s off to National University of Singapore for an ADB scholarship to complete his MBA. He’ll be staying there for 16 months. We have one huge reason to visit Singapore.  Excited! Excited!

This time, I’m hoping, praying, crossing my fingers I could completely bounce back to health.

We Are Going Gaga over Zumba

Yup, my entire family is getting into the zumba craze, and we never had this much, much fun before! Zumba is Latin inspired, so it’s fast and high impact (which one needs if he’s trying to burn a lot of calories, say 400+ an hour). However, it’s also a fusion of other dances, such as the hip-hop, Bollywood, belly dancing, salsa, and even flamenco. The combos make every dance sequence not only unique and engaging (and the music addictive) but also extremely challenging since you have to adapt yourself to the changes.

So far, we’re in our day 3, and it’s my first time to go high impact, so there I opted for more bounce and exaggerated movements. I think I’m doing the steps right, though, since I can already feel some muscle tension, especially on the legs, which I didn’t feel in the first 2 days. My goal is to last for an hour without any interruption or loss of power so I can also prepare myself for the Fit-Fil Bootcamp next week.

Perhaps in the coming days too I’ll post a photo of my happy crew!