Seriously, Globe

Hello! Hello!

I’m finally back! There’s no better explanation to my silence than the lack of Internet connection for more than a month. It was an absolutely terrible experience for a lot of reasons.

One, Globe representatives, even their supervisors, didn’t seem to know how to deal with it. Two, it felt they didn’t have any coordination with their off-site technical team. Third, seriously, some of them should learn to take notes down. A number of my reported calls were not forwarded or escalated to the technical specialists, and the last call I made wasn’t logged. Those could have mattered if we will file a complaint (well, my husband did).

I honestly don’t know the logic behind the poor customer service telcos such as Globe give to their customers, and sometimes I couldn’t help but think you get what you pay for: if you’re not in their business account, you’re not their priority.

For many weeks, I felt too frustrated it got into my head; every time I thought about it, I experienced a lot of stress. So I decided to have the subscription canceled until the Husband said he wanted to give them another chance–another week. A day after the problem turned a month, they were able to finally restore both our landline and internet. Alleluia!

Moving forward, I’m currently on my third week of no-meat-except-seafood diet. Yup, I have given up on chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc. Interestingly, it’s not too difficult at all, perhaps because I’m greatly inspired by my parents, especially my mama. Bernard is following suit as well, so that makes menu planning a lot easier for me.

Aside from attending to my job, I have also been busy managing my small business. October and November will be very busy months for me, for sure. I’m preparing myself for that. In the meantime, we’re in the final stages of planning for our Manila trip. I’m praying to the high heavens that the weather will be kinder.