Jewelry Organizer

Before you think otherwise, I’ll be making this clear: I don’t have “countless” shining jewelry pieces. I do have some, yes, and most of them I now consider heirloom since my mom bought them for me a couple of years ago. What I have the most are earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made of faux glittering stones and chains. I am fond of wood, seeds, and shells as well. Some of the earrings were proudly made by me. (And I’m eager to go back to that hobby soon.)

My “collection,” however, is not the main agenda of this blog post but the organizer. I have been dreaming of the day when I can have some form of organization for these trinkets. I had gone through many different boxes, containers, jars, etc.–to no avail. Then while I was cleaning my kitchen, I noticed the silver holder for some of my kitchen ware, such as a peeler, can opener, and grater. Many of them didn’t work anymore, and the ones that did had found a new home. This then meant I had no use of the holder until I remembered my jewelry pieces. To keep the story very short, here it is:

jewelry organizer

I think I did a good job at reusing it.

3 Best Food Network Kitchens

When I’m watching Food Network, my eyes go past the dishes they prepare. I sometimes stare at their kitchens until the show is over! That’s how much I’m enamored by their fabulous designs and awesome, awesome kitchen ware.

I’m not closing on the possibility I’ll have one of those in my lifetime, but I feel it will not be happening real soon. So in the meantime I’ll look at their photos and continue dreaming on.

This is Guy Fieri’s kitchen. He currently hosts Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which used to keep Bernard and me up until the early hours of the morning. He also has another show called Big Bite, and he uses this flashy kitchen for his demo.

There are so many things I love about this kitchen: the bold colors, the layout, the platform, the drumset, the huge wall-mounted TV screen, his refrigerator. I even thought of painting my refrigerator too until I realized the paint could chip and I would spend more just maintaining it.

One of my guilty pleasures is Alton Brown’s Good Eats. He doesn’t just cook. He lets you understand the principles behind everything–from the ingredients to your manner of cooking. His show gives so much value to your entire kitchen experience. Plus, he’s funny, smart, and has an incredibly huge kitchen. What you see here isn’t all of it. All his equipment and utensils definitely have their own space, makingĀ  his kitchen appear spic and span all the time.

This is Ina Garten’s (aka Barefoot Contessa) kitchen. Isn’t it so lovely–the charm of the wood, the growing foliage, and the sleek countertop. It speaks a lot about her style of cooking, which is simple but passionate and fresh. I do have a penchant for anything country, so it’s not difficult for me to fall in love with this.

There you have it. My most favorite Food Network kitchens. What’s yours?





Cleaning Checklists

Cleaning and I have a love-hate relationship. I actually prefer getting rid of trash, dusting, and all sorts of domesticated chores in the middle of the night, when all is quiet and my mind is very clear. I can organize things very well then.

But usually these allergens beckon me anytime during the day. Worse, every time I see them, I almost always remember my mom. She’s the neat freak in the family. I’m scared she’ll drop by one of these days, and she’ll see a speck of dust perhaps on the dining table. She will then look at me in the eyes and tell me how “dirty” I am.

Another problem I have with cleaning is I don’t really know where to start. Normally, I go with my gut feel, if not spend more time on a couple of areas. However, by the the time I turn my attention to the untouched, I have no more energy left.

So I decided to check out 3 checklists I can use to add more organization and perhaps speed up the cleaning process. (I don’t own a vacuum cleaner right now, so I’d expect to spend a few more minutes than expected, though.)

Amazingly, I found some great ones:

It’s very straightforward. It tells you what to do, allowing you to address the major issues in every section of your home.

If you’re an ultra-organizer, this link is the right one for you. There’s an everyday checklist, weekly checklist, monthly checklist, home keeping checklist, moving checklist, etc.

If you don’t want to be pressed for time, use the checklist.

I’ll probably make my own very soon. After all, no one really knows my house better than I. But while I’m still figuring out how to make an excellent, easy-to-use, and practical checklist, I’ll stick to any one of these.