Hi, my name is Milafel, and I am a Domesticated Cebuana.

Except for a short time when I’d spent nights drinking beers with friends and partying, I’m domesticated my entire life.

No, it’s not something I regret. I don’t think I’m missing a lot of things in the world. Let’s just say my home is where I’m most comfortable at. This is my sanctuary, where I nurture and rediscover myself every day. I love the way domestication brings out solitude, peace, and contentment.

Domestication is never boring–at least for me. There’s always something to do: wash the dishes, mop the floor, dust the windows, or cook meals, wait for the husband to come home, and take care of a very spoiled fat kat. Not to mention I also have my full-time home-based work.

My ultimate goals right now is to transform our home into something very clean and green, eat healthy (and even go vegetarian if we can), change products to something organic, challenge ourselves to think out of the box, be inspired by other people’s ideas and experiences (which I normally see and read online), and to live the real essence of love, which Christ has taught all of us.


So what are your thoughts?

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