Big 30 Project

Two years. No, scratch that. Less than 9 months. By then, I’ll be hitting the big 30. I’m not scared at all. In fact, I’m so excited, and I’m betting my life on a grand party with friends and family.

And as early as now, I’m celebrating it by making darn sure I can accomplish the following:

  • Visit Panabo City’s organic farm in Davao. (Well, I got to visit Davao.)
  • Ride the zipline in Bukidnon.
  • Explore Mount Pinatubo or Cagayan.
  • Spend a summer in Batanes.
  • Learn how to bike.
  • Go 80 percent organic, raw, or vegetarian.
  • Read a LOT of books. (in progress)
  • Write a script for a play or short film. (in progress)
  • Visit one international country. (done!)
  • Go back to school no matter how short or basic the course is. (Thank you, Coursera.)
  • Lose the extra weight. (really working on it)
  • Write a book, even a picture book.
  • Join online stock traders. (done!)
  • Enjoy the beach as often as I can. (done!)
  • Go back to dancing. (Dance Central, yeah!)
  • Travel alone.
  • Run a marathon.

Perhaps more will be added here in the next few months, and a lot will be written off (that’s my ultimate goal, really). Right now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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