This week has been a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes I feel good about myself, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just want to bawl my eyes out, sometimes I simply want to jump around in glee. IT’S. THAT. MAD.

But I’m glad it’s already Sunday, which has become my favorite day of the week for the past few months. I’ll get to see my family, it’s usually very relaxed and quiet, and it seems the day is a bit longer.

Anyway, last Monday I started my virtual course in Coursera. BUT I had to un-enroll since my domesticated brain couldn’t handle calculus and linear algebra (did I get the term right?) yet. I’m such a weakling when it comes to math. So I took up another: A History of the World since 1300. It basically traces the growth of economies, domination, and relationships among societies throughout the centuries (since the development of rural villages). I’m almost done with the first week’s videos (there are 8), so by next week, I’m fully ready for the second section. Come September 30, I’ll have my first assignment! Yey! My only problem is I don’t have the recommended book since it’s quite expensive even if I buy it as an e-book.

I’m starting to write poetry again! I missed it so much. I lost my muse for a very long time, and until now I can’t figure out why. In fact, I’m so excited because it also gave me a ka-ching idea.

Yesterday I attended a Google Business Group meetup, and I am just in awe of how much work others have already done. They inspire me to level up or do something more too. That for me is an amazing “let’s bring it on” feeling.

In a while, I’ll be meeting up my family over dinner, hoping to hear more lovely news to give me a good head-start next week. Oh, and we’re leaving for Singapore by Friday. First international travel of our lives.

Before I bid a temporary adieu, let me leave you with this. December, please come a bit faster so I get to watch this and the first installment of the Hobbit:




How to Attend an Online School without Spending a Penny

Okay, except maybe for an Internet connection and electricity bills. But putting these aside, YOU CAN.

Coursera is one good example. It’s an online website where you can choose any of the more than a hundred courses on the list. Mind you, though, these are not the run-of-the-mill types or random subjects. These are all designed, controlled, and kept track by some of the biggest universities in the world, such as Princeton and Stanford.

Moreover, some of these courses come with certificates of completion or distinction, which can be great additions to your CVs. Of course, Coursera gives you an opportunity to learn something without spending a dime at all. You simply have to register on the course you want, work on any activity as much as possible, and read the reference materials. Gather all your powers so you can truly complete the course.

A couple of days ago, I just enrolled in Networks Friends Money and Bytes, which is a Princeton course. I planned to have one more, but I don’t think I would have the time. I think you can still sign up. If you’re interested, please do, so we can probably share notes or talk about the modules.