Two Weeks

I went on a blogging hiatus for around 2 or more weeks. I got sick, which was somewhat disappointing. It only meant I truly had a messy immune system.

Nevertheless, I’d rather look at the bright side right now and tell you about the good things:

1. My brother arrived for a very short vacation. As I shared before, he’s off to Singapore for a scholarship grant.

my brother, my mom, and my pops

the awe girls

moi and hubby

2. I took a short day trip with my immediate and extended family to Simala, Sibonga, and Boljo-on. And we even had Chuck with us! Awesome!

Chuck is going with us. Yehey!

Love this guy a lot.

The mega church in Simala, Sibonga, Cebu

It’s a nice day–peaceful, serene.

That’s how plants grow in our home province.

Here’s another thing I love about traveling: food!

3. I’m currently on my nth day with Metafit. Still a beginner but really learning a lot. Lost 9 pounds since the beginning of my weight loss plan. 🙂

I need to push myself HARDER next time (photo from Metafit’s FB page).

4. I just went back to Meatless Monday, and this time, I have a buddy with me.

5. I watched Happy Flight with Camille. It’s for free since it’s part of Japanese Film Festival, and it’s worth the time. In fact, I want to watch it over and over again. I also can’t wait to catch Water Boys, from the same director behind Happy Flight. It’s free in YouTube. 🙂

6. I received plenty of great news from friends and family too (just too personal to share, sorry!).

7. I attended a coffee class. Can’t wait to prepare my first espresso or coffee blend once I go back home.

8. I just wrote a couple of features for Cebu Bloggers Society. Go check out Blogger of the Week.

Currently, I’m waiting for Olympics 2012 closing. I sure don’t want to miss the iconic Spice Girls! Starting next week too I’ll have my regular dates with books. Nice. Very nice.