Non-toxic Plants for Chuck

I am currently confused right now. You see, Chuck’s been eating wild grasses for the past few days. For my husband and me, it means he’s having slight tummy troubles. So I thought about planting some plants that are going to be good for him, so even if he’s in the house, he can munch and take better care of himself.

But here’s the problem: most of the non-toxic plants are unknown to me. Maybe they exist in my country or they’re even in my local area, I’m not so sure. The online English-Filipino dictionary is not a huge help at this time. Worse, the plants that I’m familiar with are not ideal for cats!

I just bought an aloe vera and placed it at the back where the Cat usually hangs out. Boom! It turns out it’s toxic for them. I’m just glad he didn’t take a single bite.

Then I thought about ferns. They’re easy to find in here, yet after one search, I was disappointed. Another toxic plant.

I remembered about chrysanthemums and sago palms, and both are still labeled toxic.

See the dilemma? I badly need help right now. I’m hoping the vet can provide me with good tips. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this:

Yeah, I know, he’s handsome!