Jewelry Organizer

Before you think otherwise, I’ll be making this clear: I don’t have “countless” shining jewelry pieces. I do have some, yes, and most of them I now consider heirloom since my mom bought them for me a couple of years ago. What I have the most are earrings, necklaces, and bracelets made of faux glittering stones and chains. I am fond of wood, seeds, and shells as well. Some of the earrings were proudly made by me. (And I’m eager to go back to that hobby soon.)

My “collection,” however, is not the main agenda of this blog post but the organizer. I have been dreaming of the day when I can have some form of organization for these trinkets. I had gone through many different boxes, containers, jars, etc.–to no avail. Then while I was cleaning my kitchen, I noticed the silver holder for some of my kitchen ware, such as a peeler, can opener, and grater. Many of them didn’t work anymore, and the ones that did had found a new home. This then meant I had no use of the holder until I remembered my jewelry pieces. To keep the story very short, here it is:

jewelry organizer

I think I did a good job at reusing it.


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