Shopping at Zalora

Intimate friends know I don’t really enjoy some retail therapy. I did that a few times, and I always ended up with a broken heart and an almost-empty bank account.

Lately, however, I find myself gawking at the hundreds of items found at Zalora, and within the last two weeks, I already bought four!


Perhaps the biggest motivation is the fact that it offers both convenience and shopping speed. Besides, they do have great pieces that even my meticulous mother loved so many of them.

Zalora offers plenty of payment options. So far, I had used a debit card and my PayPal to zero glitch. The company also offers cash on delivery (COD), though my address isn’t covered.

They seem to have a wide lead time–it’s around 5 to 7 days for provincial deliveries–but for the first two transactions, I received the items between 3 and 4 days.

Again, I don’t shop often, much less online, so I don’t really know how shopping websites do it. But Zalora asked me to send a photocopy of the card I used as well as that of a government-issued ID, perhaps to verify that it was indeed me who had gone on a short shopping spree. And they’re actually dead serious in protecting me, because the bank called me up to verify the transaction as well. I presume Zalora forwarded the details to them.

They were also prompt in sending the tracking numbers. The last one I think they’d forgotten about it since I couldn’t find any related e-mail. So I called their attention through mail, and they responded within 24 hours. I think it’s good customer service.

They do have free shipping, but you have to spend 2,500 pesos before you can take advantage of that. Now, that’s a huge amount of money and not very easy to achieve. Perhaps I’ll do so during the holidays?

Oh, they do send coupons along the way, which is nice.

Overall, I enjoy using Zalora. I still don’t have the heart to become a full-fledged shopaholic–and I don’t think I’ll ever be–but at least I’m glad that I have this good shopping website to trust.


2 thoughts on “Shopping at Zalora

  1. Hi, Lemski. I haven’t tried Zalora yet. But it sounds good. I did try Lazada, and it was very efficient. I’m into online shopping not because I want to, but because I need to. I barely have time to stroll the mall or hound the ukay-ukay spots. Ironically, I have time to check out bookshops for old books. I guess it’s really a matter which preferences are stronger. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

    • Hi, Nancy, I definitely love the flexibility and, yes, the convenience. A lot of the pieces cost almost the same thing as those in traditional malls. I haven’t tried Lazada, but I heard positive things about it, so I’m excited to buy there as well.

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