Gabii sa Kabilin 2013


There are only a handful of things I look forward to this year. It’s not that I’m less open to wonderful things. I just prefer to be surprised these days. It makes this life’s journey so much easier and less stressful for me. But one of the things that I’m always excited about is the Gabii Sa Kabilin.

Gabii sa Kabilin is inspired by the Long Night of Museums in Berlin, Germany. Around this time, all participating museums in the area open their doors to the public, who carry one universal pass–a ticket that grants them entrance to all the sights.

The cultural event itself has grown immensely it also covers churches, and participating groups provide special exhibits and performances, among others, to the public. Other countries have followed suit as well, including the Philippines.

Gabii sa Kabilin, nevertheless, is the first historical activity of such kind in the Asia-Pacific region. How’s that for pride? Most of all, over the years, more cities and establishments decide to join. For example, for May 31, 2013, visitors can go to any of the 33 destinations:

1. Casa Gorordo Museum
2. Cathedral Museum of Cebu
3. Cebu City Museum
4. Cebu Cultural Center
5. Colegio del Santo Niño
6. Don Sergio Osmeña and CAP Art Gallery
7. Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple
8. Fort San Pedro
9. Iglesia Filipina Independiente
10. Cathedral of the Holy Child
11. Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum
12. Museo Parian sa Sugbo
13. Museo Sugbo
14. Plaza Independencia
15. Plaza Parian-AboitizLand Heritage Pocket
16. Sacred Heart Parish Church-Alternative Contemporary Art Studio
17. San Nicolas Parish Church
18. Sugbo Chinese Heritage Museum
19. United Church of Christ in the Philippines-Bradford Memorial Chapel
20. University of Southern Philippines-Rizaliana Museum
21. University of the Philippines Cebu College
22. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.

1. Mactan Shrine
2. Muelle Osmeña
3. Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Regla Parish Church
4. Plaza Poblacion

1. Mandaue City Presidencia
2. Bantayan sa Hari
3. Plaza Complex
4. National Shrine of St. Joseph Parish Church

1. American World War II Landing Site
2. Museo de Talisay
3. Sta. Teresa de Avila Parish Church

Bradford Church, in celebration of its 100th founding anniversary in the city, is going to host the opening at 5:30 p.m. From there, visitors can take a walk and explore the highlighted art deco buildings, go in to any of the determined landmarks, or ride a bus that takes you to your other preferred destinations.

From 5:30 p.m. all the way to midnight, you can:

1. Watch a demonstration of Rizal’s favorite food in USPF, performed a la Kitchen Musical.

2. Listen to balitaw in Casa Gorordo.

3. Play Filipino games in Plaza Independencia.

4. Take the Old Opon Walk starting from Muelle Osmena.

5. Watch the Kadaugan reenactment in Mactan Shrine.

6. Dine on Asian food cuisines and see very old photos of the province (from Lucy Urgello) in Cebu City Museum.

7. Learn Chinese calligraphy and Buddhist etiquette in Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple.

8. Listen to classic Visayan songs in JRG Halad Museum.

9. Watch arnis demonstration in San Nicolas Parish.

10. Ride e-cars in Mandaue City.

Above is a very short list, however. View the e-guide for complete information. You can also buy the ticket or get updates straight to your FB feed here.

The ticket costs 150 pesos, and it gives you access to all featured and participating sites, as well as unlimited rides on buses. You can also ride the tartanilla once with it.

I hope to see you this May 31.


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