21-Day Challenge: Past Two Days

It turned out it wasn’t easy for me either. My vertigo came back for the past two days–stronger. Though it didn’t last for more than an hour, when I felt my entire environment spinning, I couldn’t do anything at all. I could not even walk! I had no other option but to take something sweet, eat some crackers, drink lots of water, or close my eyes, hoping after a short rest, I’ll be back on my feet again. It’s making me feel terrible. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t happen today because we’ll be going out.

On the upside, I’ve been receiving a lot of positive responses from friends, and some of them have been kind enough to drop by. They’ve also been very generous in giving their own diet tips. Can’t wait to try out quinoa and more salads next week.

In the meantime, here’s something I did on day 2:

21-day challenge day 2

It’s a very simple stuffed omelet with tuna, tomatoes, onions, and a dash of oregano. The cucumber was divine, by the way, maybe because it’s ideal for the summer.


So what are your thoughts?

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