21-Day Challenge: First Day

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is Bernard ate our simple salad (made up of tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and oranges). I think he loved the olive oil-lemon dressing I had made. It’s a huge accomplishment for him because he doesn’t eat anything that is called or resembles a vegetable (or even fruit).

The bad news is we weren’t able to let go of the rice. I couldn’t think straight. He ended up cheating by eating loaves of bread. Rather than feel extremely bad, we had to give in.

BUT we learned our lesson: right now, we couldn’t live without eating any forms of carb or grain. We just have to get it from somewhere else. I have completely forgotten about protein as well, which also helps curb hunger.

Tomorrow is second day, and we intend to do better.


One thought on “21-Day Challenge: First Day

  1. refreshing kaayo ang salad these days kay summer, lem. 🙂 i usually eat them for dinner. apart from lemon and olive oil as dressing, i suggest you use sesame oil and kanang mccormick sesame goma dressing. 🙂 naa sa asian section sa metro ayala grocery hehe lami and it’s not really heavy.

    you can also add mangoes para tam-is2x gamay. i usually skip on the tomatoes but chong taught me to add green bell peppers (kanang superlarge ones) and parsley :). for the cucumber, i suggest you choose katong japanese variety kay mas gagmay siya so dili siya lain tan-awon for picky and first-time eaters ug salad.

    looking forward sa future posts sa inyo challenge! 🙂

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