Our 21-Day Challenge

Bernard and I can’t wait for April. We’ve been working really hard these past few months, and we definitely think we deserve a cool one-week break in what we call the Great Mindanao Adventure.

But we also think it would be MUCH cooler if we are better versions of ourselves then. So today we officially kick off our 21-day Challenge.

Why 21? They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Whether it becomes one for us, we don’t really care about that for now.  What’s more important is we get to honor our commitment.

What will happen in the next 21 days? Well, there will be a lot of dieting and exercising. We’ve gained a lot of weight over the past few years, and we’ve come to a point we need a change STAT. Bernard is already feeling a lot of pain on his legs. I just wanted to buy new clothes again. We’re not getting younger either. Now is definitely the time to do it.

In our home you won’t see white rice but oats, whole wheat bread, and whole grains. There will be no more soda as well. We’ll go back to juicing and introduce steaming and eating raw into our lives. There will be less meat for him and less chicken for me. Every day for 15 minutes, we’ll keep ourselves moving and cardio up. Perhaps he’ll go back to P90x and I might join him. But my mind is set on brisk walking in the afternoons, when the weather’s not unbearably hot.

We’ll learn to love ourselves more, so we’ll have a lot to give too to others, to each other.

I’ll try my best to post every day within the next 21 days just to let you know how we’re doing and to remind us we’ve got something to fulfill. You’re also free to join us.

Wish us luck.



2 thoughts on “Our 21-Day Challenge

  1. good luck with dieting. “after six” and a bit of exercise work for me. i don’t think it will be hard losing weight in the Philippines since most of our house chores there are done manually, that alone should help people maintain their body figure or weight. Unlike here in America, things are easy and we sit our bottom on the computer everyday.

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