Adult Vaccination

I’ll be honest: the last time I had my adult vaccination was around two years ago, and it was for flu. I don’t think it worked because I developed coughs and colds and almost all the flu-like symptoms you can think of more often than when I didn’t have the shot.

But this year I’m going to give it a try, this time from our own family doctor. Heard it isn’t cheap, so hopefully it’s worth the temporary numbness and the money. On the other hand, tomorrow, the entire family troops to his clinic for measles vaccine. For the past few weeks, many of them got sick from it. According to the doctor, most insurance companies don’t pay for your treatment since there’s the vaccine. In other words, you got sick because you were negligent.

Again, it isn’t cheap. Roughly Php 1,500. And I have to pay for two, including Bernard. I was hesitant to do it, but my mother always has the some of the wisest words: “Your health is your biggest resource.” True. But for now, I’ll “loan” the money while I’m still fixing our monthly budget. I’m going to Palawan a few days from now, so I have to prepare for that.

Anyway, besides flu and measles vaccines, there are more that adults should seriously consider getting. Though this is from CDC, I think most, if not all, still apply in our country. Just talk to your doctor about it:

Adult Immunization Schedule

Here’s to better health while getting old!



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