Peace at Nine PM

For the past few days, at around 9 or 10, our household is already very quiet. Here’s why: we no longer have cable TV.

In an effort to “simplify” our lifestyle and spend less on utilities, we decided last year to end our cable subscription with Cignal and rely on our pending DVDs, books, food, and conversations for entertainment. Besides, we have the Internet, where we can get video streams of our favorite TV programs and sometimes movies.

The agreement, however, was on January 15, NOT THIS EARLY. Since two days ago, our television is completely useless, save for around an hour or two of films from DVDs.

Well, there’s the Internet, you say. But right now it’s the most futile thing in the world! Smart Bro has definitely gone from worse to worst. Every time I try to browse or research, I could feel myself on the brink of crying. This is what our 1,000 pesos a month is worth now. Almost nada. We applied for a DSL connection a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, PLDT opted to “centralize”–or, according to my husband’s observation, “downsize”–its operations activation is now redirected to Manila.


To be fair, Internet is pretty stable at certain times, which are around 10:00 p.m. to early in the morning, which means I’m currently asleep at 6:00 in the morning all the way until noon. Night shift, so to speak.

I don’t miss the cable TV. I just kind of want some noise for a much longer time and spend more waking hours with the husband. So right now I pray to the heavens that we get that DSL before the month ends.


2 thoughts on “Peace at Nine PM

  1. Kudos to you for deciding to do away with cable! I agree–Internet can take the place of cable, and you can read the news instead of watch it. I’ve found that almost all the shows I like to watch on TV are available online, so it’s really a waste of money. (But then again, my dad’s paying for it!)

    On the cable thing: I have PLDT in Manila, and it’s been very reliable. Here in Cebu, however, we’ve switched ISPs several times because of the unstable connection. We’re on Globe DSL now, but we notice they cut the connection a few days after the payment due date, regardless of whether you’ve paid or not!

    Hope you get your Internet problems solved soon!

    • How’s Globe, Kar, well, except for the fact they tend to cut the connection come payment period? Is it faster than PLDT now? I don’t know if Globe is good here, and Bernard isn’t too comfortable with it, so PLDT is our best–and perhaps the only–option we have right now. I’ve found way, though, to increase Internet speed through Open DNS. Hopefully, this will do until we can have a more reliable connection.

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