Tutu in Progress

My birthday is fast approaching. In fact, it’s my birthday week. (No, I just declared that myself.) That only means one thing: a tutu.

Last year, I told my friends I’m going to wear a frilly skirt for my birthday, and around that time, I just couldn’t take my mind off this:

So yesterday, I decided to go on with it. Bought myself some pretty hard tulle and a very pink ribbon to match it. Then worked until I could hardly open my eyes. Now, it’s a work in progress:

Patience is a virtue, indeed.

Patience is a virtue, indeed.

I’M ALMOST THERE. Seriously, it’s very easy. It just needs a lot of patience and hard work, especially since I’m making this for an adult. Hopefully, before Sunday, I’m so done with this because I want to wear this to the beach!

PS: I just got the result of my Inbound Marketing certification exam from Hubspot and scored 84 percent. Not bad, since I didn’t really go through all 18 webinar classes. 6 points more, and I could have made it in the Honor’s Distinction, though.


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