Great Finds: Awesome Dedon Products

For those who have sent their encouragement and support, thank you. For those who are asking, I’m doing better the past few days–and I’ll continue to do so.

In the meantime, let me talk a little about Dedon, one of the leaders in outdoor furniture design. It’s such a huge global brand it has tapped the creativity, ingenuity, and style of Philippe Starck, Lorenza Bozzoli, Richard Frinier, and Daniel Pouzet.

But what makes it even more remarkable is the fact the furniture pieces are actually produced right here in the Philippines! Yup, in the bustling, beautiful island of Cebu. To quote its official website, “Our Philippine team was responsible for creating the most beautifully hand-crafted outdoor furniture in the world. It was critical that their new factory be a model for the country and the world.”

Reality check, I cannot afford any of these pieces, yet dreams are free. So let me drool over these while pretending I’m on a beautiful country home somewhere in Europe:

Dedon Green

Dedon Summer Cloud

Dedon babylon planters


dedon orbit

dedon swing rest



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