Crappy Day

This is one of the worst days of my life. I don’t feel good both physically and emotionally–and it’s almost Christmas! I’m supposed to be overly excited for the Advent season, gifts, meetup with friends, dinners and lunches with the family, and great time with the husband and Chuck.

But then again, everyone goes through some serious down time, some trouble, and there’s nothing else one can do but to live with and in it for a moment. To let it pass, take everything in, so when it’s time to bounce back, he or she is fully ready.

That’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to heal myself from all the pain. I’ve stopped understanding the most incomprehensible things and letting go of situations I have no control over. I will let each day pass, counting my blessings and keeping my silence.

Hopefully, before Christmas Eve, I’ll be whole again. I’ll be 101 percent better than today.


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