No Beef, No Pork


A couple of weeks ago, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life: stop eating pork and beef. So far, I’m doing just fine.

The road toward it wasn’t easy. It took months of mind conditioning. For months, I had to skip red meat when we buy our groceries. My efforts, fortunately, are paying off. I no longer crave for them–not even siomai, Virginia hot dog, and humba.

But what is this doing to me? A lot of good things, really.

  • It makes me feel lighter. I don’t feel bloated every time I’m through eating.
  • It actually helps me in portion control. I loved red meat, so I always ended up consuming more than I should.
  • It allows me to explore other dishes and ingredients, such as more fruits and vegetables into the diet. It even got me back to juicing. Besides, my aunt’s tuna lumpia and rellenong bangus are to die for.
  • I feel less lethargic.
  • It’s helping me deal with emotions more effectively. I am an emotional eater, and almost always, I dine on red meat to enhance my mood. Right now, I’m channeling my negative emotions to something else, like cleaning the house or journaling.
  • I’m helping Bernard as well, since he also likes to lose weight and be healthy.
  • I definitely believe that I’m helping save my health and the environment.

I’m planning to wean myself from chicken soon too, especially after what happened to my sister (I’ll talk about this in the coming days). Hopefully even before I reach 30, I’ll be a full-fledged pescetarian or, better yet, vegetarian.

PS: I would like to thank my family for their support. It definitely helps when people around you believe and respect your decision.



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5 thoughts on “No Beef, No Pork

      • I’m actually planning to do so. But i always get stuck with planning and then I end up buying pork (a special and rare commodity here in the middle east) and cooking and consuming everything like there’s no tomorrow.

        I await your meatless posts as well as your family updates. I’m happy for alfred. Say hi to him for me.

  1. Maybe that’s the reason why you can’t start it. It doesn’t come by so often. 🙂 On the positive side, you’re already thinking about it. I started that way. The more I thought about it, the more it manifested in my decisions. So one step at a time.

    Oh, I’m glad you’re reading my Meatless posts. 🙂 Maybe you can begin with that, Girl, you know, no meat for a day and blog about it.

    PS: I’ll tell him. 🙂 Are you coming for the holidays? Alfred will be spending his here.

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