Meatless Monday: How the Eggs Saved My Day

Last week I saw a very interesting recipe called Wild Rice Salad. It’s featured in Yoga Wholistics-QC page, but it was the creation of Vegetarian Support Group. It called for a very delectable dressing, very similar to the one I used for my green salad. So I thought, why not give it a try?

I did. I cooked the rice (since I didn’t have black or red or brown, I used my white), then added some bell peppers, onions, steamed green beans, and few tomatoes. Then I prepared the dressing, made up of calamansi juice, extra-virgin olive oil, onion, oregano, salt, and black pepper. I mixed everything in a huge bowl and had it chilled.

Come dinner, I looked at what I did–and I got scared. It didn’t look anywhere near to what’s in the page’s picture! Is it because I skipped a few ingredients? Did I do something wrong? I thought of Bernard. He’s a picky eater, someone who don’t really like veggies. Can I feed this to him?

I started to sulk, and whatever appetite I had went poof. I was already thinking of serving us some French toasts, because somehow I’m good at it, and Bernard loves them.

Fortunately, the a-ha moment came before I could open the can of evaporated milk. Why not I throw in some eggs? We both eat eggs, they can add more color into the mixture, and, well, they’re just fabulous.

My decision turned out right. Bernard ate most of the food! Amazing!

Honestly I still want to try it again, and this time, I’ll add wheatgerm and use anything but white rice so I could really get the texture and taste of this incredible recipe. But in the meantime let me dance for joy because I had fed a picky eater well.


So what are your thoughts?

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