For the Love of Reading

Do you love to read? I do. However, my work and other interests for the past few months are preventing me from completing a book in a jiffy (but I did finish one, though). I attempted to read the much-talked-about Fifty Shades of Grey, but I found the first few chapters of the first installment a bit drab, so I quit it. (And my sister didn’t love it either).

But it seems like I’m being motivated to read more! A friend of mine, Nancy, owns Simple Clockwork. Now the blog name may not say anything about books, but she has well-written, on-point reviews on authors and/or their work. Plus she opted to continue the Short Stories on Wednesdays initiated by Risa, which now evolved into the Short Story Initiative. I’m excited join because I haven’t read a lot of short stories lately, and I’m itching to write one myself.

Nancy, along with Geezelle, is also starting Cebu Book Club. Right now it’s by invitation since it’s still in infancy stage, but once all the details are ironed out, it will be open to anyone who loves to read and share his or her reviews, as well as open to meaningful discussions.

Then there’s Basadours, a Cebu organization composed of volunteers or ambassadors of literacy education. In just a short time, they already accomplished a lot!

If you are not keen on any genre but love them all, you can join The Random Renegade Readers, and if you want to read and craft your own stories, there’s Story Writers Cebu.

With books, it’s one special love affair, but of course you won’t get me until you start turning the pages.


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One thought on “For the Love of Reading

  1. Thank you for this post, Milafel. I do love to read. But I select what I read, and Fifty Shades of Grey is not one of them. 🙂 Hehe I’m excited to learn you’ll be joining The Short Story Initiative! Yey! There’ll be many of us already. I smiled that bit you said about books being a special love affair and how some people don’t get it unless they themselves start reading. I smiled because I agree.

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