Meatless Monday: Mushroom Burger

This is an overdue post, I know, but I got so caught up with work and other personal responsibilities. But I’m back! I’m starting this week right by giving you my Meatless Monday post intended for last week.

For dinner (I just had smoothies and shakes the entire day . . . blah!) I prepared mushroom burgers! It’s actually Karla’s recipe, so just click on her blog (she’s a fantastic writer, by the way) for the actual recipe. If there’s one thing you should remember it’s to use a food processor as much as possible. I don’t have one, so I opted for the blender, which wasn’t the best idea after all. I had to stop it thrice, remove the mushrooms each time, and position those that need to be chopped better at the bottom. Yet in the end I still had some big pieces.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, and I wasn’t so sure anymore whether I should continue. But when the first batch appeared like this, my spirits were lifted up again:

Anyway, to make the long story short, the husband came home, saw the burger, and was incredibly happy! He even thought I added some meat in it. You see, he doesn’t eat mushrooms.

I will definitely try this again and have the rest of the family taste it. I hope you do too. And when you do so, do share your experience with Karla and me.


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