Great News, Bad News

Only two weeks after I thought I’ve fully recovered, I’m ill again. Fortunately the family doctor didn’t complicate it for me: “You just have a very low resistance.” OK, as of the moment, I’ll blame this on the erratic weather. My throat hurts right now, but I can still eat, so probably this is just because of my coughing fits.

Now for the GREAT NEWS: my brother is off to Singapore! Yup, our family prayer has just been answered. He’s off to National University of Singapore for an ADB scholarship to complete his MBA. He’ll be staying there for 16 months. We have one huge reason to visit Singapore.  Excited! Excited!

This time, I’m hoping, praying, crossing my fingers I could completely bounce back to health.


3 thoughts on “Great News, Bad News

  1. Oh my, congratulations to your bro! I know how hard it is to get that scholarship (or any prestigious scholarship for that matter), so that’s quite a big deal! Now that should be a good motivation for you to get better, so when you get to Singapore, you’ll have every reason to enjoy the food.

    Take care of yourself. I have been having health problems myself, especially with my hands (overworked, my doc says), so I’m consciously slowing down. You should too.

    • I’m back with Metafit, Kar! My body’s sore, but it feels good. 🙂 My brother is currently off na to Singapore. Hay, gonna miss the guy more. Hope your wrist is getting better.

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