Getting Sicko over Being Sick

I’m sick. It started out as colds that progressed into flu and then cough and mild asthma attacks for the past few days. It’s always been like that. These three ALMOST ALWAYS go together.

That’s why I hate being sick. While others can already recover in three days or less, mine lasts for at least a week. That’s more than 5 days of almost doing nothing, hoping that by minimizing my activities I can bounce back to my good life as soon as possible.

It doesn’t help some medications are plain awful, but you take them anyway because they work. This antibiotic, for example, is giving me stomach cramps all the time; yet I can’t eat fully, or else, I’ll feel more pain. The other makes me groggy and so lethargic I’m close to becoming the ultimate queen of the couch potatoes.

Today, I’m feeling a lot better than the past two days or so. But until my body feels the energy surging once again, it’s still a waiting game for me–my life temporary on hold.


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