Meatless Monday and Century Tuna Bangus

Last Monday, I decided to go back to Meatless Monday, and I thought I was creative enough. I came up with this:

I bought the vegetables for only 25 pesos in SM. I stir-fried them and added some eggs–then I put in lots of black pepper and turmeric simply because I love them. Then I drizzled patis.

After a few bites of broccoli and cauliflower, I know “my recipe” didn’t work. It tanked. So I ended up eating half of my husband’s dinner instead (which was sinful, trust me).

The next day, though, I opted to make up. It’s no longer a vegetable recipe, but I gave our new find a try: Century Premium Boneless Baby Bangus.

Get this for less than 150 pesos in your nearest grocery store.

Now, this is such a no-brainer food. This kind is already marinated, so all you need to do is to thaw the fish without removing it from its vacuum-sealed pack (I usually let it sit outside the freezer but still inside the ref for half a day and get it out only when I’m about to cook).

Afterward, remove how many fish you need (since we’re only 2, one is enough), then fry! It’s. That. Easy. Here’s how the fish looked like, by the way:

I didn’t want to jinx this, so I followed the instructions to a T: fry the belly first for around 5 minutes and the skin for around 3 minutes. So in less than 10, we already have a gorgeous dinner dish.

How does it taste? It isn’t salty, and the meat is really soft. But it’s quite heavy on the vinegar. You might want to make a toyo sauce if you prefer to add some saltiness. As for us, we actually liked the way it is.

I am not giving up on Meatless Monday, though. I might even try Gazpacho next week. In the meantime, we’ll dine on more Baby Bangus since we had 2 left. Yes, the whole pack is economical too.



6 thoughts on “Meatless Monday and Century Tuna Bangus

  1. One of my no-brainer meatless dishes is tuna (the one with kalamansi) sauteed with ampalaya. The bitterness of ampalaya is overcome by the slight sourness of kalamansi! Wasn’t such a big fan of ampalaya before, but as they say, our parents were right when they made us eat veggies when we were younger. Hope all is well!

    • There are ovo vegetarians who prefer to include eggs in their diet; also ovo-lacto vegetarians who include eggs and milk in their diet. I think I’d prefer the latter. Honestly, I’ve tried this before (Jacob’s dad was Hindu and vegetarian)–I felt light and wonderful, until I smelled pork barbecue and went amok, hehehe. It’s a challenge! I want to do it again.

      • That’s awesome, Kar! I might try that one too. I can definitely live without milk and cheese, but eggs are a completely different story.

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