Inspiration: Amezaiku

Who doesn’t love candies? I do, perhaps not as much as when I was young, but I do crave for them once in a while.

However, if you find yourself in Japan, you just don’t get wrapped candies. The country takes pride of Amezaiku, or the art of creating something unique and magical out of these saccharine treats.

It’s a very intricate process only those who have experience, skill, and artistry can really do it. To give you an idea, though, the craft masters create taffy candies first. When they are in the process of hardening, they then immediately mold the candy into several shapes, from animals to fairies, using their hands or tools such as scissors. They sometimes add food dyes to give these creations more character.

The challenge doesn’t only lie on creativity but also on speed and accuracy. They need to come up with something before the candy becomes really hard.

The end product is usually so beautiful I definitely don’t want to eat them. Nevertheless, consuming it seems to be one of the best ways to show how much you appreciate and value the master’s genius.



So what are your thoughts?

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