Happy Independence Day!

So when was my last post? I stopped counting. I’ve been on and off blogging anyway, but I’m really crossing my fingers that I’m officially back.

I’ve got tons of stories, but I’ll set them aside for our country’s celebration tomorrow:

We’re free!

Independence Day!

Honestly, I think the celebration, as well as its essence, is somehow lost among a lot of people, but it shouldn’t be. Despite of the gazillion of problems our country is facing, we still enjoy so much liberty compared to other nations.

Our small household is definitely going to celebrate it tomorrow. Bernard and I will wake up early and head to the market, which is thankfully only a few minutes away from us. I’m thinking of doing Pampanga’s bringhe or Filipino-styled menudo (which has a tinge of sweetness), but I’m still open to suggestions. 🙂

Enjoy the holiday tomorrow!


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