We Are Going Gaga over Zumba

Yup, my entire family is getting into the zumba craze, and we never had this much, much fun before! Zumba is Latin inspired, so it’s fast and high impact (which one needs if he’s trying to burn a lot of calories, say 400+ an hour). However, it’s also a fusion of other dances, such as the hip-hop, Bollywood, belly dancing, salsa, and even flamenco. The combos make every dance sequence not only unique and engaging (and the music addictive) but also extremely challenging since you have to adapt yourself to the changes.

So far, we’re in our day 3, and it’s my first time to go high impact, so there I opted for more bounce and exaggerated movements. I think I’m doing the steps right, though, since I can already feel some muscle tension, especially on the legs, which I didn’t feel in the first 2 days. My goal is to last for an hour without any interruption or loss of power so I can also prepare myself for the Fit-Fil Bootcamp next week.

Perhaps in the coming days too I’ll post a photo of my happy crew!


So what are your thoughts?

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