Early Lessons in Weight Loss

First of all, I am deeply overwhelmed by the support people have on my plans such as traveling alone and going on a weight loss program. Even those who I don’t know personally reached out. Also, some of my friends are in the same objective as I am. Now I feel more motivated than before.

Mind you, though, this isn’t my first weight loss attempt. I’ve done this numerous times, and to a certain degree, they were successful. For the past two years, however, I didn’t feel committed to it. My heart and mind weren’t interested, and it’s difficult because what I really want is to savor and hopefully enjoy this journey.

Nevertheless, whether it’s your first, second, or nth time, you always learn something new. After 3 days of sticking to a diet, I realized

Everything should be your choice. From the food that you eat to your exercises–all aspects of your weight loss program should be your decision–nobody else’s. They can definitely recommend and share their insights, but you have to keep in mind they’re not the ones who are going through it.

You start off feeling resistant. Yes, I’m committed, but that doesn’t mean I feel totally comfortable with it. It’s normal for people to resist any kind of change, even if they feel it’s going to work out great in the end. It’s not what they’re used to.

Weight loss, for me right now, is like this huge competitive city. If I were to live and thrive here, I should step up to the plate and be ready to go out of my comfort zone at all times–to push myself to my self-created limits.

You shouldn’t say no to any kind of help. Was I totally closed to any kind of help before? No, I wasn’t. But I wasn’t receptive either. There’s always the feeling that it’s something I can do on my own, that I’m smart enough to figure out what to do and what to avoid. But saying no to friends’ and family’s offers just left me so alone in this battle, and it was not surprising to find myself giving up so easily.

At this time, I’m thinking of Virginia hot dog and Grand Mall’s siomai. I’m already imagining Vigan’s longannisa and empanada. Yet the above-mentioned lessons bring me back to reality: there’s still a mission I have to do. There are still deeper learning experiences I have to go through. Empanadas and siomais will have to wait.





2 thoughts on “Early Lessons in Weight Loss

  1. Good for you Te you are going on a diet. True enough you can’t do it on your own. More or less we are on the same boat only not of the same gravity. But what I can tell you is your greatest obstacle will be motivation. These types of goals progress so slowly and take so much discipline that most folks lose steam along the way.

    Keeping yourself motivated becomes a real problem that no one but us can really deal with. For me, any health or fitness goal must answer the most basic question, am I doing this for myself? If it’s really something we want to do because we love ourselves and we want a better us then that might help us overcome all the obstacles out there and reach our goals.

    Best of luck to you and may you finally reach your goal.

    • Then you should come here more often. 🙂 I’m currently on my fourth day. It’s still tough, but so far, I’ve managed. My greatest challenge will be next week as I head off to Manila and Vigan. But I’m already planning on my weight loss plan.

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