The BIG 30

I’ve been gone for a bit. No, scratch that. FOR A LONG TIME. I got sick for a while, and I had to catch up with work after. But I’m glad I survived.

Today, I’m going to talk about 30. For the past few weeks, I thought about one of my biggest realizations: in two years’ time, I’ll be hitting 30! I don’t know with others, but when you discover something about yourself, you tend to develop a whole new kind of perspective. For me, it’s making me sit down and think hard about the past 3 decades.

What have I achieved so far?

What are really my aspirations?

What are the things I still want to do?

I know there’s still a huge lead time between now and two years after, but it’s not too early to celebrate, right? So I decided to come up with a BIG 30 Project, and it’s going to be grand–at least for me. It will document everything I’m going to do from today until the time I reach 30. I’ll also deal with my biggest accomplishments and failures over the last 30 years.

Now, just thinking about it, I’m excited!


So what are your thoughts?

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