5 Tips to Nurse Yourself Back to Health

A few days from now and we’ll be ringing in the new year. Whether it’s the end of the world or not, I know it’s bound to give a lot of hope and exciting adventures for everyone.

However, before I can finally welcome 2012 with open arms, I need to fix myself first health-wise.

You know how it is during Christmas. There’s plenty of food and a lot of cold beverages. Then we factor in the ever-changing weather. Result? I’m currently battling mild colds and a throat problem.

The good news is I work at home, so I can just relax and sleep whenever I want. I don’t have to be fully dependent on medications (and I usually skip the pills as long as I can bear the symptoms or pain). I just also stick to my usual “get back to the pink of health plan:

Drink loads of water. I normally drink A LOT whenever I experience tension headaches. It also prevents my throat from becoming too dry.

Juice, juice, juice. My favorite combo is carrot-apple juice. But I don’t have carrots right now, so it’s pear-apple with a half slice of lemon.

Sleep. I’ve been sleeping well for the last few days. I believe it somehow delays the effects of colds.

Take supplements. I increased my vitamin C dosage to give my body better immunity.

Change your mind-set. Those close to me know I’m such a worry wart and an unofficial hypochondriac, but when I’m really ill, I try my best to change the way I look at things. It’s time to take control and be ever positive to reduce stress.

Hopefully, by the thirtieth, I’ll be A-okay.


So what are your thoughts?

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