Tree of Gratitude

I don’t like to be woken up in the morning for errands. I think you can understand that. But a distress call is a distress call. You can’t say no to it, especially it’s from the husband who’s already somewhat frantic.

Now I can’t go back to sleep. To amuse myself and bring back sunshine into my life at this very moment, I’d like to share my tree of gratitude.

I am blessed.

As you can see, there are a couple of pink and white papers hung on the branches. They contain my and my husband’s notes of thanks (and a number of 2012 wishes from him). Doing that somehow gives more essence to the tree. It reminds us of how blessed we are despite the many challenges we had gone through during the past 12 months. It also brings a lot of hope and a healthy dose of inspiration, believing we still have so much love to give away.

Now, tell me, who wouldn't wake up ASAP for that?

It definitely ushers a lot of positive vibrations at home I’m planning to do this the entire year. By December 2012, hopefully, all branches are going to be filled with thank-yous not only from me or my husband but also from our friends and family as well who will drop by our humble home.




So what are your thoughts?

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