A Stern Warning

Exactly a week ago, I told you people I could be suffering from fatty liver. Doc Buboy was fast enough to inform me I should also have myself checked for hepatitis.

Well, several years ago, I was treated for hepatitis A, and I was provided with a vaccine (I just don’t know what it was; I was so young then). Doc Buboy believed it was meant for hepatitis B (I think he meant I’m kind of immune to that now) and reoccurrence of hepatitis A is rare, so there’s a huge chance I do have fatty liver.

So I went to the doctor last Tuesday, and he was stern enough to tell me NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH. I should be very alarmed if the figure was around 80 and above. Moreover, fatty liver is one of the most common things his wife sees in ultrasound. Simply put, everyone who loves to eat just about anything could have fatty liver.

That somehow comforted me, yet he also clearly emphasized I should not be so relaxed about it. I know I should take it as a very stern warning to take care of my health seriously before things get a lot worse, and it would be so difficult to bounce back.

The journey is definitely not going to be rosy at all. It takes a lot of courage and persistence to develop the right habits. Right now, however, I don’t have much of a choice. I just have to face things head on, take each day one at a time, and be more enthusiastic and open to a whole new–and way better–lifestyle.



So what are your thoughts?

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